Back in 2016, we got a chance to test the bonkers A45 AMG, 2016 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG – Car Review – Track Focused Breeding. To say that hot hatch was a hardcore vehicle was putting it lightly. In light of this and hearing the news that the A45 would be replaced with the A35, I was keen to see what it would be like. It was hard to think about where you could go from the A45, with backwards being the only option.
Considering how hardcore the A45 was, backwards may not be a bad idea for the new A35. As many say, less can sometimes be more.

What’s in The 2019 Mercedes-Benz A Class Range?

Since the review of the A200 last year, 2018 Mercedes Benz A200 – Car Review – A better class of hatchback?. The range has grown considerably from only one variant which was the A200, to six variants. The range now starts with the A180 ($55,100), A200 ($60,900, existing stock only), A250 ($63,700), A250 4MATIC “Limited Edition” ($63,900), A250 4MATIC ($69,600) and AMG A35 4MATIC ($85,800). 

Both the A180 and A200 feature the 1.3-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine driving the front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The A250 4MATIC and AMG A35 4MATIC share the 1.9-litre 4-cylinder turbo engine, driving all wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission except for the front-wheel-drive A250.

There are now ten colours available; red, white, black and yellow are all standard colours available. The additional whites, black, blue, and three silvers are a $1,190 option.

Standard features across the range include 225W sound system with 9 speakers and a sub, ambient lighting, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, climate control, satnav, wireless phone charging, directional indicators, keyless start, reversing camera with dynamic guidelines, auto wipers, 18-inch alloys, Active Parking Assist, cruise control, heated electric mirrors, LED headlamps auto lights, parking sensors (front and rear), Active Brake Assist with semi-autonomous braking function, adaptive high-beam assist, brake drying function and Hill Start Assist, 9 airbags, ABS, Blind Spot Assist, Brake Assist System, Crosswind Assist, ESP with ASR, Lane Keep Assist (active), and Traffic Sign Assist.

The AMG gets all the options from the models below it, a full list can be found on Mercedes-Benz New Zealand website. Its standard options include ENERGIZING Comfort Control, AMG drive unit, AMG leather package, AMG performance steering wheel, sport seats, TIREFIT with electric pump and pressure loss warning system, AMG exhaust system, AMG performance brakes, AMG night package and AMG ride control.

First Impressions Of The 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic

I was really hoping that the car would be in the yellow launch colours, but it was white. Even so, it looks slick, streamlined and sporty. You can tell it’s not a base model, nice shape lines, big brakes and exhausts, front bumper diffuser and a cheeky lip tail on the boot. This was a very hot looking hot hatch indeed. If like me you loved the huge wing from the A45, you can option it on to the A35 too.

What’s The Inside Like On A 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic?

Wow, that’s where I will start. The inside of the new A-class was nice, but the A35 is amazing. The moment you’re inside it feels like a $200,000 car. The high tech twin LCD screens, minimalist and functional dash design, performance steering wheel. Stainless steel trim panels with a splash of red on the seats to scream sporty. It’s so nice that I am surprised to say that I have been in a lot more expensive cars and was not excited about it.

I really linked how minimal the generic string of buttons under the central vents was. Small slim buttons that are not centre stage, but easily accessible. It really made the entire cabin feel clutter-free. Same too with the centre console, the touchpad and surround buttons were low profile sleek design, all to make the cabin feel more spacious.

The steering wheel is straight out of the S-Class, so it’s already a serious bit of kit. Easy to use swipe buttons and toggles, all wrapped up in a two pattern sporty leather number.

The driver’s dash was one of those cherries on top features. You could have the normal two dial displays, or you can switch to a rather sporty and Tron-like futuristic. It was the kind of display that made you want to interact with it, watching the gears change, the peak of the RPM and the climbing speed. I just loved how it was not the norm and still functional.

One thing that never seems to but subpar is the audio systems. Every A-Class has an advanced sound system from Mercedes-Benz. Its got a total output of 225W, featuring 9 loudspeakers, 1 subwoofer & 1 booster amplifier. Clarity is superb, and the overall range and positioning of the speakers engulf you perfectly.

The seats are never a cause for concern in a Mercedes. However in saying that I did find the seats in the A45 a bit too hard, the only Merc I ever had that issue with. These seats were more what I was used to from AMG; firm, supportive, well-shaped, comfortable and stylish.

The back seats were just as good, both visually and for comfort. Space was a bit tighter for tall folk, with knees right up against the back of the front seats. I never tested it, but I could visually see that the rear-facing baby seat we were using last year for our daughter would have a tough time in this car. The passenger front seat would have to go forward a bit more than expected.

The boot is a surprisingly good size at 360 litres. It also has a larger opening compared to the previous A-Class generation. There are two handy pockets with bungee cords on each side, to stop those smaller loose items from rolling around the boot.

What Does The 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic Drive Like?

I do enjoy driving hot hatches, of course, they have to be packaged just right, they can be exhilarating. The steering, driver feedback, performance and sound all have to be just right, something that never takes long to figure out when testing these vehicles. The interior was right on point, I just hoped the driving experience would match up to the interior.

It did not take long behind the wheel to realise that the A35 was a cheeky little thing. It has a peep in its step, and a twinkle in its headlights, as to say “Let’s do this”. Even in Comfort mode, the A35 was quick on its feet, light, nimble and accurate. The engine note also hinted at the possibility of additional performance lurking under the hood. I really liked how the car handled in Comfort mode, mainly to do with it actually being comfortable, as in many performance cars Comfort mode can still be rather stiff for day to day driving.

As it was there, I tried the ECO dynamic select driving mode. Normally I wouldn’t spend that much time on the mode as they normally make the car sluggish, forcing you to limit the throttle control. But I didn’t notice any difference to Comfort mode, which somewhat surprised me. I couldn’t even feel a difference with the engine, which made me wonder whether it was able to be more ECO than Comfort mode. This is an AMG, so economy driving is not really its target market.

Sport and Sport+ are where the fun begins. Normally I find Sport is the mode you can use on everyday roads, as it’s not set up as hard as Sport+. With the A35, this was not the case. When in Sport mode, I found myself going straight to Sport+ on the steering wheel controller. The engine puffed up its chest, the suspension got a bit stiff, steering sharper and the noise was louder. The A35 had woken up.

Anywhere the opportunity presented itself, I switch to Sport+. Which is the true sign of an exciting, fun vehicle. The car created a cheeky smile when you drove it with purpose. Carving up the twisty back roads, accurately placing it in each corner, jumping up and down the gears as if you were some motorsport driver on a Targa stage. The feeling was amazing, and the sound was perfect. I could not fault this car during my time in it. I even kept comparing it to the VW Golf GTI 40th Edition, one of my favourite hot hatches. It did everything it could do, and a little bit more.

What’s The Competition For The 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic?

0-100kph, secondsFuel, L/100kmSeatsBoot Capacity,
Mercedes-Benz AMG A351.9-Litre 4-cylinder Turbo 225kW/400Nm 4.77.65360$85,900
BMW M135i1.9-Litre 4-cylinder Turbo 225kW/450Nm 4.87.55380$83,500
Audi S31.9-Litre 4-cylinder Turbo 228kW/400Nm 4.66.55340$82,900
Volkswagen Golf R1.9-Litre 4-cylinder Turbo 228kW/400Nm 4.67.25340$72,990
Mini Clubmanr  JC Works1.9-Litre 4-cylinder Turbo 225kW/450Nm 4.97.75360$67,900
Honda Civic Type-R2.0l 4 cylinder turbo228kW/400Nm 5.78.8 4420$59,900

What’s The Pros and Cons For The 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic?

Stunning looks
LCD dash, so cool
Amazing interior
Exhaust note
Sports seats
Performance Handling
Punchy sound system
An exciting everyday hot hatch
Cramped in the back for tall people
Tight for rear-facing baby seat

The Verdict
At first, I did not know what to expect, I had always been on the fence about the AMG A45, but it was too much to live with on a daily basis. 

The A35 was packed with gadgets and the latest tech, making it feel special. The interior is perfect, the right level of sporty feel and luxury, the goldilocks zone.

Thankfully, I can say that the AMG A35 has filled the void that I never knew was there. It packs a punch, sounds great, handles like a performance car while being fun and everyday practical. 

The balance is perfect for a hot hatch package. I just loved it.

5.0 Chevrons


2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG A35 4Matic – Specifications

Vehicle TypeHigh-performance Hatchback
Starting Price$85,900
Price as Tested$85,900
Engine1.9-litre, turbo inline 4 cylinder petrol
Transmission7-speed AMG Speedshift automatic
Power, Torque225kW/400Nm
0-100km/h, seconds4.7
Spare Wheeln/a
Kerb Weight, Kg n/a
Length x Width x Height, mm4419x19922x1440
Cargo Capacity, litres 360
Fuel Economy, L/100kmAdvertised Spec – combined – 7.6
Real World Test – combined – 9.2
Low Usage: 0-6 / Medium Usage 6-12 / High Usage 12+
Fuel tank capacity, litres 51
Towing Capacity
Kg, unbraked/braked
Turning circle, metres11.54m
Small: 6-10m / Medium 10-12m / Large 12m+
 WarrantyThree years, unlimited kilometre
Owner Protection Plan
ANCAP Safety Ratings5 Star
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