Mazda is introducing a new model of the world’s best-selling sports cars for Kiwi buyers, the MX-5 Roadster GT.

The MX-5 Roadster GT comes with a variety of upgrades over the standard Roadster, targeted at buyers who are seeking to shave a few seconds-off their lap times at their local club day. 

Among the upgrades is a six-speed manual transmission, and Bilstein Sports Suspension Dampers along with Red Brembo Front Brakes. The GT also gains a set of lightweight 17-inch Gunmetal BBS Forged Alloy Wheels with 205/45 Tyres, and a front strut brace to complete the package.

Mazda also tweaked the rest of the MX-5 line-up for 2022.  Don’t worry – no weight is being added.

Essentially, the only change is a piece of software. Mazda has added Kinematic Posture Control (KPC) to the range, a new technology developed exclusively for the MX-5.

KPC recognises a difference in speeds between the back wheels while cornering, lightly applying the brakes on the inner wheel. This prevents lift, enhancing the characteristics of the MX-5’s rear multi-link suspension and suppressing body roll.

In short, KPC stabilises the car, especially during hard cornering with high G-forces and on rough roads. According to Mazda, this makes the MX-5’s already legendary handling that much better while also improving comfort.

There’s also a new exterior colour available – Platinum Quartz Metallic – featured below. 

Recommended Retail Price for the MX-5 Roadster GT and MX-5 RF Limited six-speed manual models is $54,990* and $56,490* for the MX-5 RF Limited six-speed automatic.

Mazda will also be funding five native NZ trees for every new Mazda model sold in conjunction with Trees That Count

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