SsangYong New Zealand says it is excited to join its international counterparts and is rebranding to KGM Motors (KGM), ahead of the impending arrival of the new KGM Torres SUV.

In New Zealand, the new name will sit alongside the brand’s iconic winged logo, which pays homage to KGM’s heritage since its inception in 1954. This corporate identity change will introduce a new refined brand colour scheme and a completely new look and feel.

KGM New Zealand’s Head of Brand Marketing Daile Stephens says SsangYong’s name change to KGM is a welcome opportunity to completely rebrand and create a step change to make a real impact in the New Zealand market.

“We are thrilled to have the chance to start afresh with KGM and will be investing significantly in the brand. We have a lot of faith in the KGM product, which comes with a solid engineering base and produces well-spec’d, reliable vehicles.”

Stephens continues, “This is an exciting time for us all as we reveal a refreshed, modern brand identity alongside the development to support the launch of new KGM products and technologies. We are embracing the change here in New Zealand with today being the start of a new journey to transform KGM into a brand for the future and continue to grow as a proud and respected SUV and ute brand.”

“Our aim is to elevate the offering of innovative KGM products in New Zealand with a refreshed brand identity, breaking away from the ordinary,” Stephens says.

The official transition from SsangYong to KGM will take place at the end of March and will see the brand transition at a local level across the national SsangYong dealer network over the coming months.

Late March will also see the arrival of the all-new KGM Torres, with both petrol and battery electric models available for the New Zealand market. The KGM Torres will set a fresh benchmark for the KGM brand, showcasing a new design language, as the first vehicle to be produced under the KG Mobility ownership.

Stephens says the brand invites New Zealand customers to experience KGM’s unique qualities as a distinctive and innovative choice in the automotive market. She encourages interested customers to register at to be kept informed about the impending changes and the arrival of the KGM Torres into the New Zealand market.

National Sales Manager Penny Thorne says, “Korean manufactured vehicles have a reputation of quality and reliability in New Zealand. We encourage those who are considering a new SUV or ute to add KGM to their shopping list and take a KGM model for a test drive to see how KGM stacks up against its Korean counterparts and recent new automotive entrants into the New Zealand market. We are confident that buyers will be impressed with their experience in a KGM vehicle.”

Stephens concludes, “All will be revealed at the end of March – watch this space!”


KGM Global boasts an automotive legacy spanning over 70 years. The company was originally founded as Ha Dong-Hwan Automobile Manufacturing in January 1954, before changing its name to Dong-A Motors in 1977. In 1988, the brand became SsangYong Motor Company which was acquired by KGM Global with a majority shareholding in 2023. The acquisition signalled its entry into the automotive industry with a strategic focus on new product and electrification.

KGM Global is a Korean car manufacturer specialising in 4x4s, SUVs, MPVs and utes. The company produces trucks, busses, and special purpose vehicles for the export market. The headquarters for KG Mobility is in the Gangnam district of Korea’s capital, Seoul, and its principal vehicle manufacturing plant is currently at Pyeongtaek, which has the capacity and latest technology to produce 240,000 cars a year. The company has invested in a new factory, in the same area, which is has been developed specifically to accommodate the production of pure-electric vehicles.


Inchcape is driven by its purpose of ‘bringing mobility to the world’s communities, for today, for tomorrow and for the better’. Inchcape says it is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which they operate, for their people, for society and for the planet. The Group is headquartered in London and employs around 19,000 people globally. Inchcape Australasia employs over 1,300 team members across Australia and New Zealand.

Inchcape expanded its presence in New Zealand in August 2023 with the acquisition of SsangYong distribution and retail with five owned dealerships in Auckland, Taupo, Wellington and Christchurch.

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