Holden Special Vehicles Today announced that its next generation range will be dubbed GEN-F. This next generation will no longer follow the previous series titles (E Series 1, E Series 2, E Series 3), as HSV navigate around possible legal and marketing clashes.

It was obvious, from the beginning, that we were going to have to adjust our approach, because F Series or F1 wasn’t going to work


We had three basic objectives. Firstly, we needed to ensure we referenced our vehicle’s relationship with Holden’s VF. Secondly, we have a new generation vehicle so we wanted to use language that people would find easily relatable. And finally, we wanted it to be simple. GEN-F almost picked itsel


HSV Marketing Tim Jackson


Jackson also indicated some of the rumours surrounding GEN-F were on the mark, but would not confim until the official release date

  • 6.2-litre supercharged V8 (430kW)
  • 6.2-litre V8 (three versions: 317kW, 325kW, 340kW)

There has been plenty of speculation so you can expect that some of it is accurate. I am just not going to reveal what’s accurate today. We will reveal all on May 15, which will be approximately a month before customers will be able to see the vehicles in the showroom.


HSV Marketing Tim Jackson


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