Here’s something you don’t hear all the time,  petrol prices are going to go up three cents a litre today, oh wait.
The Automobile Association’s said the increase in taxes are to help pay for roads and transport projects across New Zealand.

“It’s a necessary evil, unfortunately”

“It helps us to fund things like public transport upgrades and building new roads.” said Mark Stockdale

This latest increase will bring 91 to just under  $2.20 a litre, 95 & 96 to around $2.26 a litre and 98 will be somewhere in the region of $2.35 a litre

“That’s getting pretty much on to being near our record high, and that’s obviously always a concern.”

He also said that the falling exchange rate is not helping the situation.

What are your thoughts about this latest price hike, do you feel the AA are still on your side or are they now in bed with the petrol companies.
Tell us what you think ?



  1. A Necessary Evil!

    Funny. But not in a good way. To slow an economy down, increase taxes. To speed an economy up, decrease taxes – economics 101. Personally, like most NZ’s we will just smile and carry on. That said, I have a strong sense that this is more for the heavy transport industry than the average joe. Improve the rail situation for long haulage and trucking for local. Oh wait that’s hows it was. 😉


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