Autonomous cars are hardly a new idea with Mercedes, BMW and even Google demonstrating their potential for the future of the commuter. However what about an autonomous car that can put Chris Harris out of business?  Auto Week USA have posted a video from the 2014 International CES where BMW’s M235i, fitted with their latest autonomous driving technology, is able drift itself independent of driver input.

So what does this mean for presenters of automotive shows who are more famous for  their ability to drift within their lane than for their prowess on a keyboard? And what will Mad Mike do when his sport is over run by robots?

In reality, I would hardly think either needs to freet for their livelihood. What it does however demonstrate is where the direction of automotive safety is likely to be in a couple of years time. Imagine you are on an icy road and loose the back end completely. Well your BMW could have the ability to take over and manage the drift preventing both loss of life and a hefty panel beating bill.

Regardless of its intended use, there is no denying how impressive the GPS based technology, that BMW are employing, is.



Source: Autoweek

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Roger Baillie
Brought up in a world of Mini's, road trips, rallying and tinkering it is unsurprising that among my passions, since I can remember, cars have been something very special to me. The way they look, the way they smell and especially the way the sound. This passion has grown over the years from a spectator's seat at Formula 1 and WRC events to active participation in events such as the Cannonball Run NZ and Stance Off Events. My current love affair is with a slightly tuned Mk4 Golf GTI which brings me nothing but joy on the road. This love for driving and cars has led me start a Podcast dedicated to my love of driving called Drive Life NZ where I hope to share my story while exploring the varied stories of other enthusiasts. Dispelling the myths surrounding car people and celebrating our diversity.


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