Audi are no stranger to concepts, and sadly they are no stranger to very weird concepts they should have kept to themselves. The Audi TT E-Tron Offroad Concept is a perfect example of this. First and biggest mistake was putting TT in the name, if they hadn’t we might have been able to looked past 90% of what wrong with this, but as they did we cant. Where to begin, its like a child’s version of a TT with odd lines and out of scale tyres and and out of place two tone colours, basically they started with a TT drawing and coloured outside the lines. Audi should have seen this and said “lets just leave the TT out of this” and go down the road of SQ 3 Coupe or something.Audi-TT_Offroad_Concept_2014_4


As its an Audi I am sure it will be packed with tech, but nothing is going to save it from how it looks, not a hybrid power train, not a fancy lcd dash, nothing. All I can do is hope that this Audi never makes it past the concept dept and is filled away and never sees the light of day again.




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