This popped up on my feed and I think my heart skipped a beat when I watched the first 5 seconds.. I’m going to go with the Mazda 3 was in the wrong!



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Tim Chai
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  1. Mazda clearly caused the crash by pulling out of the sidestreet. Thats not to say it couldnt have been avoided by the Lambo if they were going an appropriate speed for the road but its hard to say that either way without having a clip that starts early. I question how a person who wears a baseball cap backwards should be able to afford an Aventador as well 😉

  2. Mazda for pulling out but lambo for speeding going by the sound of the revs it had on, lambo should have seen the mazda pull out but im guessing he was going way to fast to stop, if so the Mazda probably saw the Lambo in the distance and thought it had time to pull out.

  3. Aventador was going too fast and still gassing it practically to the point of impact. Given the very slow rate the Mazda was a_c_c_e_l_e_r_a_t_i_n_g the speeding hero has come from a long way back – far enough that a reasonable person would have thought there was enough room to go and vehicle travelling at appropriate speeds with an attentive driver would have been able to slow. The law in the countries I have driven in require you to be able to stop within the clear road ahead of you – evidently that doesn’t apply to superheros in fast cars.


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