For a while now I have been on a mission of sorts to improve the insulation in our house, switch over to LED lights, generally making the house more efficient and cheaper to run and maintain. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that these savings will result in more money to spend on car stuff


The garage in my house is connected on one side to the main house with can result in some of the walls and main door into the house subject to cold transfer. I will be looking at sorting the insulation in the walls too, but to start with I saw this Garage Door Insulation Kit and wanted to give it a go and see if it would have a decent effect on raising the temperature in the garage and generally keeping it . This Expol Garage Door Insulation Kit was $129.98 each from Bunnings and you will require two kits for a double door garage like mine. Here is a link to the product on their main site if you want to check over their info – EXPOL

Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-2 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-3

In each kit there are 8 x Polystyrene Insulation Panels, 8 x Plastic Door Liners, 1 x Tube of Glue and the Instruction Sheet. Pretty basic, but its all you seem to need. The glue was indicated as optional in the instruction sheet, I found that I did not need to use any of it during my installation.


The instruction for this kit are very clear and easy to follow, and one of the rare times that you don’t find something missing or a step they didn’t cover in it. The tools I used for this, 1m ruler & tape, pencil, kraft knife (The shaper this is the less bits you will have to pick up or clean up later), glue gun and work bench.


Its pretty straight forward, you measure the height of the side of the garage door panel, allowing for room to slide in the insulation panel as per the instructions. Cut the panel to size, slide it into the door and repeat. Once you have Polystyrene Insulation Panel in you then repeat the same procedure with the plastic door liner covers.
Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-6 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-7 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-8 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-9 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-10 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-11 Expol-Garage-Door-Insulation-Kit-12

The entire job took about 4 and a half hours on my own. I was quite please with the overall look and feel of it, not only was it insulating the door but it made it look a bit better and brighter from the inside too.  It later the evening I  noticed a big change of temperature within the garage which continued to improved during the following week.


My only piece of feedback or negative comment about this kit is that I had to get some white masking / invisible tape to seal some of the joints between the plastic door liners. Apart from that I am very happy with the result and this kit as a whole, minimal DIY skills required, relatively good value for money and it leaves a pretty clean and professional looking finish.  All in all we are happy to give the Expol Garage Door Insulation Kit and 4 and a half chevrons out of 5. For more info and where to buy these kits, check out the EXPOL website.




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