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To tempt you some more, here is a bunch of different press releases from BMW. Drool mode = on!

BMW Motorrad revises the F 800 R and F 800 GT. Sporty riding pleasure and dynamic touring in enhanced form
BMW Motorrad enhances its broad product range in the popular mid-range category by revising the F 800 R roadster and the sports touring bike F 800 GT. The BMW Motorrad 2-cylinder machines have always cut a great figure – whether for urban cruising, enjoying winding country roads in sporty style or dynamic touring with a pillion passenger and luggage. This applies more than ever to the current versions, which now demonstrate further improved all-round qualities.


An overview of the highlights:

Adaptation to EU4 requirements.
Newly designed end piece of the standard exhaust tailpipe.
Ride-by-wire system for improved response and controllability.
Riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard.
“Dynamic” riding mode for a sportier riding style as an ex works option.
Instrument panel with new dials, MIL indicator lamp and riding mode display.
Windshield with matted model inscription (F 800 GT).
New model inscription in galvanised look (F 800 GT).
New attractive colour schemes:
F 800 R: Racing Red non-metallic, Blackstorm metallic, BMW Motorsport (Lightwhite non-metallic/Lupine Blue metallic/Racing Red non-metallic).

F 800 GT: Gravity Blue metallic matt, Lightwhite non-metallic, Blackstorm metallic.

New ex works options such as higher handlebars (F 800 R) and “Design
Option” wheels (F 800 R).

New Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, e.g. HP sports silencer.

EU4 adaptation and ride-by-wire system for an even better response and additional riding modes.

The high-torque, water-cooled 2-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity of 798 cc continues to ensure dynamic propulsion in both models. It has an output of 66 kW / 90 hp at 8 000 rpm. While the sporty roadster F 800 R has a chain as secondary drive, as is typical of the segment, the F 800 GT offers supreme power delivery with its maintenance-free toothed belt, geared towards lengthier motorcycle trips.


The motorbikes have been adapted to the new EU4 regulations for model year 2017. The visual hallmark here is the newly designed end piece of the stainless steel tailpipe. As part of the process, the HP sports silencer by Akrapovič was also redesigned and is available as an Original BMW Motorrad Accessory.

A ride-by-wire system now passes on the rider’s commands directly from a sensor on the twist grip to the engine control system and therefore to the throttle valve. The result is even finer controllability and an improved response. This also allows implementation of the new standard riding modes “Rain” and “Road” for riding on damp and dry road surfaces respectively as well as the riding mode “Dynamic” to support a more sporty riding style, the latter being available as an ex works option.

Instruments with new dials and even more information.

The new F 800 R and F 800 GT have an instrument panel consisting of two analog displays for the speedometer and engine speed as before and also a multifunction display. In the new model year 2017, a so-called MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) is provided in the cockpit in line with EU4 requirements. There are also newly designed dials which ensure improved readability, and the display has been extended to include riding mode information.


Enhanced character based on refined colour schemes.

Three new colour variants give the new F 800 R and F 800 GT a more distinctive and characteristic appearance.

The paint finish Blackstorm metallic emphasises the masculine side of the new F 800 R, while Racing Red non-metallic brings out the roadster’s progressive, dynamic character. The BMW Motorsport colours Lightwhite non-metallic/ Lupine Blue metallic/Racing Red non-metallic powerfully convey the sporting aspirations of the F 800 R. The optional item “Design Option” wheels comprises the paint finish in BMW Motorsport colours with a decorative red line around the edge of the wheel rim.

In Lightwhite non-metallic the new F 800 GT comes over as strikingly athletic and dynamic, while the paint finish Gravity Blue metallic matt gives it a powerful, masculine look. By contrast, the bike takes on a particularly refined appearance in the colour scheme Blackstorm metallic combined with grey decorative surfaces on the side trim panels and the rear side trim sections. The high quality of the F 800 GT is supported by the new model inscription in the upper area of the side trim panels which appears in a galvanised finish as a raised emblem. There is also a new windshield with matted F 800 GT model inscription that helps project a more sophisticated, mature appearance.

Extension of the range of optional equipment.

New, higher handlebars are available for the new F 800 R ex works which meets the rider’s need for a more relaxed seating posture. In conjunction with a low seat, these new handlebars also provides an ergonomic alternative for riders of shorter stature.

The new F 800 R with the “Design Option” wheels (ex works option) will especially appeal to those who prefer a motorcycle with a strikingly sporty look. Here there is a decorative red line around the edge of the wheel rim that emphasises the sporty, dynamic aspirations of the new roadster, very much in the style of the superbike BMW S 1000 RR.

BMW Motorrad presents Concept ConnectedRide. The next advancement in motorcycle connectivity for increased safety and comfort.

Today, we find a high degree of digitisation and connectivity throughout the professional and private sphere. The automotive industry has long responded to this development with numerous innovations. BMW automobile already offers individually tailored digital services such as the BMW Connected App – a personalised digital mobility assistant that helps the driver to plan appointments and travel, for instance.


As long ago as 2009, BMW Motorrad presented BMW ConnectedRide, demonstrating the wide-ranging possibilities of rider assistance systems based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication and using intelligent connectivity.

BMW Motorrad presents ConnectedRide with new smartphone integration solution as the next step in motorcycle connectivity.

At the EICMA, BMW Motorrad now presents a further milestone in motorcycle connectivity: a TFT instrument cluster with smartphone connection as could be applied to standard BMW Motorrad models in the future. BMW Motorrad and Robert Bosch GmbH are collaborating in the field of pioneering display and networking technologies since there are signs of an increasing demand for complete connectivity in the motorcycle area, too.


Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad: “Connectivity and the availability of digital services are increasingly becoming an issue for motorcyclists. For this reason we are expanding our range in this area. In the future we will be offering services that enrich the motorcycling experience. New apps and functions via connection with smartphones and back-end services will open up a whole range of possibilities in terms of intelligent networking, making motorcycling more exciting, more comfortable and also safer.”

Thanks to powerful synergies with BMW automobile, BMW Motorrad is well placed to accelerate the introduction of new services. In this way, various car digitisation technologies such as TFT displays, ECALL and WiFi as well as V2x communication and back-end infrastructures can be adapted for use with motorcycles.


Already a reality in BMW cars, BMW motorcycles will also offer increasing options for intelligent and simple connectivity in the future, as well as allowing continuous updating via systems and devices such as smartphones and navigation units.

Premiere at the EICMA 2016 for TFT instrument cluster which interlinks the motorcycle, rider helmet and smartphone.

At the EICMA, BMW Motorrad now presents an instrument cluster with TFT display that demonstrates the possibilities of connectivity between the instrument cluster, rider helmet and smartphone as integrated elements of BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide.

In addition to information relevant to riding (road speed, engine speed etc.), smartphone-based functions such as navigation, telephone and entertainment are provided in a multifunctional instrument cluster and operated safely and conveniently using a multi-controller. The BMW System 7 helmet fitted with microphone and speakers acts as the rider’s reception centre for acoustic output such as navigation directions, telephone calls and music.

Intelligent connectivity for rapid assistance in the event of an accident or emergency.

This year, BMW Motorrad has realised an ECALL function for the first time in the motorcycle sector. The optional equipment “Intelligent Emergency Call” enables faster assistance in the event of an accident or emergency. The system will be available as an ex works option from the beginning of 2017 in a BMW motorcycle. If an emergency situation or accident occurs, the intelligent emergency call is activated automatically or manually, transmitting the position data of the motorcycle and so the coordinates of the accident scene, which in turn sets the rescue chain in motion via the qualified BMW Call Center.

State-of-the-art technologies for interconnecting the BMW Motorrad community.

Another step towards motorcycle connectivity is the integration of a worldwide community of motorcyclists through a strategic partnership with the technology start-up Rever. Since 2015, Rever users in 119 countries have covered millions of kilometres by motorcycle and have tracked their routes. Using the app and the Rever website, bikers can discover the best routes in the world, compile their own individualised routes, log their trips and share their motorcycling experiences on social media platforms. In the future, this will enable BMW Motorrad to extend and optimise its range in direct contact with the target group.

BMW Motorrad regards the simple and seamless integration of the customer’s existing digital world into the motorcycle as crucial to the acceptance of this type of new service. This might happen in the future through the consistent interlinking of existing systems such as DriveNow and ChargeNow, providing services beyond actual motorcycle travel itself and even linking into smart home applications.

BMW Motorrad presents the new BMW K 1600 GTL. The luxurious performance touring bike has been further refined and optimised.

With unrivalled running smoothness, an inimitable sound and the supreme power of its 118 kW (160 hp) 6-cylinder in-line engine, the extensively fitted BMW K 1600 GTL already provided incomparable dynamic travel pleasure in its existing form. In the revised version, BMW Motorrad has now optimised the luxurious performance touring bike even further.


An overview of the highlights of the new BMW K 1600 GTL.

Adaptation to EU4 requirements.
6-cylinder in-line engine including new catalytic converters and adapted data status according to EU4 requirements, with an output of 118 kW (160 hp) at 7 750 rpm and a maximum torque of 175 Nm at 5 250 rpm.
Enhanced visual presence.
optimised wind and weather protection due to enlarged slipstream deflectors as well as side trim sections moved further to the rear.
Relaxed, upright seating posture with handlebars shifted further back (as compared to the K 1600 GT) and lower footrests.
Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA with automatic damping adaptation as standard.
Reverse assist for even simpler manoeuvrability as an ex works option.
Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down without clutch activation as an ex works option.
Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works option for rapid assistance in an accident or emergency (currently only available in European markets with ConnectedDrive capability).
New attractive colour schemes:
– Lightwhite non-metallic

– Thundergrey metallic

– K 1600 GTL Elegance: Ebony metallic/Blackstorm metallic

Extensive standard equipment (ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control DTC, xenon headlamp, grip and seat heating, multi-controller, three riding modes, cruise control, topcase with integrated comfortable backrest.etc.).
Diverse range of well-established optional equipment items (adaptive turning light, daytime riding light, Keyless Ride, Hill Start Control, central locking, forged wheels etc.).
New and familiar Original BMW Motorrad Accessories, e.g. comfortable passenger footboards, additional brake light for topcase, HP sports silencer, chrome parts, crash bar etc.

Enhanced visual presence, improved wind and weather protection and optimised ergonomics for even greater comfort.

The appearance of the new K 1600 GTL is especially striking due to its more elegant and dynamic lines. The side trim sections have been redesigned from the enlarged and more efficient slipstream deflectors downwards, for example, and have been drawn backwards for improved wind and weather protection. There are also wind deflectors to provide more effective protection for the rider’s hands. The two mirrors are also newly styled as well has having enlarged mirror areas with an aspherical section for a further enhanced view of traffic to the rear. The emblem carrier and model designation are presented in high-quality chrome.

The foot guard and storage compartment on the left and right in the lower area of the engine (now both standard features) have also been redesigned.

Optimum travel suitability is guaranteed by the standard topcase, fitted with a back pad that allows the passenger to lean back and relax over long distances.

Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA with automatic damping adaptation as standard.

With the standard electronically controlled suspension Dynamic ESA and its adjustment modes “Road” and “Dynamic”, the new K 1600 GTL opens up a whole new dimension of ride comfort, stability and dynamics to provide an incomparable riding experience.

In the standard setting “Road”, damping adaptation is fully automated and offers the very highest level of comfort and traction over virtually all surfaces. Depending on customer preference, the spring preload can be adapted to the load state at the press of a button and independently of the damping. Likewise at the press of a button – conveniently positioned on the handlebars, so it is even possible during travel – the rider can switch to the damping characteristics “Dynamic”, thereby selecting a tighter damping set-up overall.

New reverse assist for convenient manoeuvring.

The new K 1600 GTL meets the demands of a luxurious touring bike even when manoeuvring. The reverse assist function can be conveniently activated from the left handlebar panel at the press of a button. Movement itself is initiated by the rider by pressing on the starter button.

Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down without using the clutch.

Shift Assistant Pro, available as an ex works option, enables the rider to conveniently shift up and down without activating the clutch or throttle valve and can be used for most gearshift operations.

Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works option for swift assistance in an accident or emergency.

Ensuring the fastest possible assistance in the event of an accident or in situations of emergency and danger can save people’s lives – something that particularly affects motorcyclists. For this reason, the new K 1600 GTL can be fitted with the e-call system “Intelligent Emergency Call” as part of an optional equipment item available ex works.


This option will be introduced in numerous European markets by 2018. It should be noted that this function will initially only be available in markets with ConnectedDrive capability.


Comfortable footboards and exclusive forged wheels as individualisation options.

A wide range of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories and optional equipment items available ex works means that the new K 1600 GTL leaves virtually nothing to be desired. New footrest base plates now permit installation of comfortable footboards for the passenger. Newly designed, optional forged wheels, each with eleven double spokes, further enhance the exclusivity of the K 1600 GTL.

Three exclusive colour variants from “Sport” to “Elegance”. The new K 1600 GTL is presented in the three new colour variants Lightwhite non-metallic, Thundergrey metallic and Ebony metallic/Blackstorm metallic.


In conjunction with an engine in Platinum metallic as well as the frame and contrasting parts in the finish Monolith metallic matt, the colour Lightwhite non-metallic highlights the flowing proportions and the emotional design of the K 1600 GTL.

By contrast, the colour Thundergrey metallic gives the GTL a classic timeless look.

The K 1600 GTL Elegance in the paint finish Ebony metallic/Blackstorm metallic emphasises refinement and exclusivity. Here, special chrome accentuations on the front mudguards and slipstream deflectors make a sophisticated, luxurious statement.

The most exclusive BMW motorcycle of all time: the BMW HP4 RACE

At this year’s EICMA, BMW Motorrad reveals an initial glimpse of the most exclusive model in its history to date: the BMW HP4 RACE.


It was initially left open as to how far the advanced prototype reflected what the final motorcycle would look like. The only definitive information provided by the Stephan Schaller, President BMW Motorrad, related to the frame and wheels: “The HP4 RACE will feature the full carbon fibre main frame and carbon fibre rims as shown here. We will reveal more about this model next spring.”


It is also certain that the BMW HP4 RACE will be manufactured by hand in an exclusive limited series and supplied in the second half of 2017.

*Press Releases are direct from the Manufacturer, and not edited in any way.

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