Due to be rolled out from this month, the updated app was developed in-house with bespoke software architecture that MINI says enables rapid development of new content and fast-roll out.

The free, updated app is available now in New Zealand for Apple and Android devices.

It acts as a new universal interface with the car, providing information on the vehicle’s status at all times. It also enables remote operation of functions, such as vehicle locating and locking/unlocking the doors. 

Destination addresses can be sent from a smartphone directly to the vehicle’s navigation system, and MINI says the new app also offers more functions for electric vehicles than its predecessor, the MINI Connected app. For example, MINI EV customers can access detailed information on the car’s electric range, charge status and charging history.

The app’s charge timing and climate control timing functions also allow the charging process to be optimised by setting particular time slots and departure times. Added to which, the vehicle interior can be pre-conditioned (by heating the interior in winter and cooling it in summer, for example) to increase comfort levels. 

The MINI App also allows the customer to contact their MINI Service Partner directly and provides them with an overview of their vehicle’s servicing requirements at all times. It will fully replace the MINI Connected app from July 2021.

According to MINI, its scalable universal architecture allows for continuous updating of new functions and customer requests to be implemented easily, with multiple updates every year allowing functionality to be expanded.

MINI App Highlights:

  • Garage – Keep track of all vehicles in one app (for multiple vehicle owners)
  • Vehicle Status
    • Fuel / Battery Level Range
    • Error / Diagnostics
    • Charging Status (Electric only)
    • Charging History (Electric only)
  • Vehicle Finder – Records last location of vehicle via GPS
  • Remote vehicle functions:
    • Remote Lock / Unlock Doors
    • Remote Flash Lights
    • Climate Control Now (Electric only)
    • Charge & Climate Timer (Electric only)
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
    • Service Alerts
    • Recall Alerts
  • Preferred Dealer
  • Roadside Assistance
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