Škoda Superb upgraded with new technologies, refined design and new model line-up

Drivelife is a fan of the Skoda Superb – a highly-respected car by any standrds. We tested it last in in 2016 in a wagon, and rated it a full five-chevron car. It really is that good.

Now, three and a half years after the launch of the third generation Škoda Superb, the brand’s flagship has been comprehensively upgraded and modernised. What’s more, Škoda’s top model is for the first time available as a Superb Scout.

Technological highlights such as full LED Matrix headlights and an even wider range of innovative assistance systems make the Škoda Superb one of the safest and most comfortable cars in its segment, according to Skoda.

Škoda has further refined its flagship’s dynamic and elegant design. An enlarged radiator grille and new front bumper lengthen the Superb by 8mm and the Superb Wagon by 6mm.

Boasting a generous amount of interior space and a boot capacity of 625L in the Škoda Superb and 660L in the Škoda Superb Wagon, it continues to set the benchmark in its segment. The rear section is characterised by a chrome trim and as was established with the recent arrival of Škoda Scala, it includes ‘ŠKODA’ branding in block lettering. Apparently, the new Škoda Superb Scout sports rugged body enhancements to exude off-road flair.

The upgraded Superb also sees all-new engine versions make their Škoda debut. The 2.0TSI outputting 140kW and 200kW is the first petrol engine in Superb to feature the new, 7-speed DSG gearbox. The more powerful engine comes with all-wheel drive as standard. The new Škoda Superb Scout is exclusively available with the top-of-the-range 200kW engine and all-wheel drive.

A highlight of the new Škoda Superb is its full LED Matrix headlights. Škoda’s flagship is the manufacturer’s first production model to offer this technology. The system generates a light beam consisting of several segments, which are controlled individually. This allows drivers to have the high beam on at all times without dazzling other road users. The intelligent technology uses the camera on the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic and vehicles driving in front of the car as well as people and objects reflecting the light. The control unit then immediately turns off individual segments of the light beam to effectively prevent others from being dazzled. The animated Coming/Leaving Home function adds a special visual touch. It automatically turns parts of the headlights and tail lights on and off in a specified sequence when getting into or out of the car.

In addition to the full optional LED Matrix headlights, the revised Škoda Superb also features numerous other assistance systems that support the driver, some of which have worked their way into the mid-size car category from higher vehicle segments. Predictive Cruise Control and the new Emergency Assist for multi-lane roads (available from mid-2020) are both making their Škoda debut in the new Superb.

The interior of the Škoda Superb has new chrome highlights on the door handles as well as levers, coupled with ambient lighting on the dashboard. Ambient lighting illuminates the storage compartments below the armrests as well as the front and rear footwells.
Using the new version keyless vehicle entry system (KESSY), now any one of the car’s four doors can be opened first.

SMARTLINK+ allows passengers to access via Škoda ONEAPP, real-time driving data, driving stats, logbook and other features when paired via the Wi-Fi hotspot. The Virtual Cockpit allows the driver to choose between various displays for the instrument panel and is now standard on the top-level model the Škoda Superb Sportline 200kW 4×4.

For the first time, Škoda is offering its top model as a Superb Scout. It is exclusively available as a wagon and, just like the Octavia Scout, exudes off-road flair – boasting 18-inch ‘Braga’ alloys, a Rough-Road package
providing 15mm more ground clearance and all-wheel drive. New front and rear bumpers with aluminium-effect underbody protection as well as plastic trims for the wheel arches, side sills and the lower part of the door to protect the bodywork and create a striking off-road appearance. The radiator grille features black double slats framed by a chrome trim, while the roof rails and window frames are also chrome-plated. There are special Scout badges on the wings and it features an exclusive paint colour of ‘Tangerine Orange’.

For the Škoda Superb Sportline, the frame of the black radiator grille and the horizontal strip between the standard full LED tail lights are both gloss black; in addition, this model is available in an exclusive ‘Dragon Skin’ paint finish. The Sportline is fitted with a 15-mm-lower sports chassis and full LED Matrix headlights as standard. The honeycomb texture on the remodeled front underlines the car’s dynamic design, while the unique 19-inch ‘Vega’ alloys complete the aggressive look.

Rodney Gillard, Škoda General Manager commented; “The multifunctional Škoda Superb is truly a model that transcends across either fleet / business use or is equally as adept in family homes from Cape Reinga to Bluff. What Kiwis love most about the Superb is its generous amount of space, versatility and exceptional value for money. In particular, the new Superb Scout will help us tap into a new buying demographic, as it very much suits our Kiwi cultural backbone of getting the most from our down-time as we get out and explore New Zealand. This is such an exciting new model for us, and we believe it will make a terrific addition to the current Superb and full Škoda model range in NZ”.

ŠKODA New Zealand Pricing
Superb Sedan ‘Style’
1.8L TSI 7-speed 140kW from $52,990
2.0L TSI 6-speed 4×4 200kW from $66,990
Note: ‘Style’ Wagon available on indent order $3,000 premium over Sedan

Superb Wagon ‘Sportline’
1.8L TSI 140kW 7-speed DSG from $59,990
2.0L TDI 4×4 140kW 7-speed DSG from $67,990
2.0L TSI 4×4 200kW 7-speed DSG from $71,990
Note: ‘Sportline’ Sedan available on indent order $3,000 price reduction from Wagon

Superb Scout
2.0L TSI 4×4 200kW 7-speed DSG from $64,990
Note: Not available in Sedan

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